Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Leveraging Workflow Automation to Drive Operational Intelligence

We published a new brief today focused the application of workflow automation in the manufacturing environment to drive operational intelligence. The brief, titled “Leveraging Workflow Automation to Drive Operational Intelligence” can be found on Savigent’s web site at http://savigent.com/.

The three part brief includes thought provoking research by Gartner analysts Simon Jacobson and Leif Eriksen.  Their research highlights the “demand for efficient and effective tools and technologies” that manufacturers need to make more effective and accurate decisions.  And manage business processes to “close the feedback loop of corporate performance back to the plant level to drive the right behaviors.”

It also provides a practical understanding of workflow automation and an introduction to Savigent’s industry leading software, Catalyst Workflow.  We also show how we are applying workflow automation to drive change within a manufacturing operation – through Incident Management.  Incident Management is a powerful workflow-based system available to support continuous improvement efforts in the manufacturing environment. It puts some rigor around the business processes that define how manufacturers respond when problems occur.

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