Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Catalyst System Management Provides Centralized Management

Chances are that you reading this article via your favorite RSS reader, in my case, Flipboard. Or perhaps you were pulled in via LinkedIn or Twitter. No matter the exact method, there is a common thread among all of these; simply put, you wanted to avoid manually checking all or your favorite websites independently. Like many users, as you come across something interesting, you add it to your favorite aggregator - you did add us right? Once you are subscribed (or following), the magic happens; you can read content from hundreds of blogs and sites from a single interface. Think of the time that you save by having all of that data pulled to you – no need to visit them separately.

So, why I am highlighting some of points of social media (besides a shameless plug – again, you are following or subscribing, right)? The recent release of Savigent’s Catalyst Platform™ offers several benefits – one that I would like to highlight is the addition of Catalyst System Management™ to the Platform. This tool allows you to browse, monitor and maintain your Catalyst Platform™ in one central place. Think of your assets (or nodes) on the plant floor, as websites/blogs, you might have hundreds… System Management allows to you to keep in touch, without typing URLs each time or physically going to the asset.

That is just the beginning, unlike a simple RSS feed, Catalyst System Management™ allows for interaction with the assets on the Platform. You can configure node data, push updates of code/configuration data, and monitor system health in real time. Think of the time that you will save in managing your system… But a word of caution, similar to using a RSS reader, you might just find yourself getting addicted to the information!

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