Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bull Durham and Catalyst Platform: Composite Applications

This summer is the 25th anniversary of one of my all-time favorite movies. Ron Shelton’s Bull Durham is the classic story of minor league baseball player, “Crash” Davis, an aging veteran who is sent to the minor leagues to help train a flashy young pitcher, Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh” in the ways of professional baseball. In the process, he meets and falls in love with a die hard baseball fan, Annie Savoy; who, unfortunately for “Crash” has already taken a romantic interest in young “Nuke”.

While there are number of memorable scenes, one of the best involves Annie discussing her beliefs on love. In educating both “Crash” and “Nuke” on her beliefs, she talks about how matters of the heart are really out of our control and more a matter of quantum physics. As “Crash” rises to leave, stating that after all of his time in minors he doesn’t believe in trying out; Annie asks, “Well, what do you believe in?”

After “Crash” replies with a soliloquy that covers the designated hitter, the JFK Assassination, good scotch and “deep, slow wet kisses that last three days”, “Nuke” replies, “Hey Annie – what’s all this molecule stuff?”

So, what does this have to with Savigent’s recent release of
Catalyst Platform? While this release provides a number of features, many of the features appear, on the surface, to offer only technical benefit. While my co-authors will address the benefits of these features in future posts, some users may be a little like “Nuke” in the scene mentioned above asking, “What’s all this technical stuff?”

In an effort to demonstrate that there’s more than just technical benefit to our new release, I want to highlight a feature that can deliver immediate business results – composite applications. Simply, a composite application is an “application” built of other applications. As “mash-ups” of the service-oriented development world, composite applications are built using re-usable components that can quickly be rearranged in response to changing business priorities and conditions. The ability to build composite applications and reuse components across them within Catalyst Platform will allow our clients to build architectures that are flexible, adaptable and extensible. More importantly, when coupled with an iterative development approach, composite applications built on the Catalyst Platform will allow customers to develop applications more quickly leading to a faster return on their investment.

Given the dynamic nature of today’s manufacturing environment, leading software providers have to provide tools that facilitate faster, more scalable development. Catalyst Platform creates the foundation to meet this challenge. That’s what I believe – in case Annie asks…

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