Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is in a Model? (The first in a multipart series…)

There are several models out there to help define the roles of a MES/MOM system and “the space” that such a system fills.  But why?  Because it is difficult to talk about…  It is no secret that not all people are alike, let alone have the same backgrounds.  As this “space” touches several groups within the company’s organization (again who have different backgrounds / interests / terminology), communication is often difficult.  With difficulty, often comes higher cost.  This is where Models can lend a helping hand!
In this “space” there are two sources of models that can assist:  MESA and ISA. 
MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) International is a global community of manufacturers, producers, industry leaders and solution providers who are focused on improving Operations Management.  MESA International provides several models that can help visualize the functions that are typical within the MES/MOM area.
Probably, the most recognized is the MESA-11, first introduced in 1997 (pictured below).  The MESA-11 model has gone thru some refinements, and now is aligned to several Strategic Initiatives (also below).
MESA-11 Model
MESA-11 Model
MESA Model, Version2.1
MESA Model, Version2.1
Please visit  MESA.ORG formore information.
Next time I will introduce the S-95 standard written by ISA and adopted by ANSI.

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